by Tearful Moon

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An abundance of sage and tears were mixed in these songs. The ghost of an unborn child ( House of Joy, House of Murder, Impatient Patient, The Confusion) makes her presence as does the emotional turmoil and fiery passions of romance ( Ecstasy in Black, Animal Inside, Conviction, The Perfect Devil). There's the excruciating battle of one's own morbid reflection of self and life in general.( Parasite, Run Away,Simon)
Always melancholy, but somehow, there's always a little glimpse of hope to something higher. To a spirit world, a realm that is beyond human perception...that we can call on for guidance, protection, and for comfort in knowing this to get through life's darkest hours ( The Prayer).
Art can be prophetic. Death is not the end, and life is in deed precious.

This album is dedicated to Gabriella and David Lesco, who await on the other side.


released July 1, 2018

Lyrics and vocals by Sky Lesco
Music by Manuel Lozano
Lead vocals for The Prayer by Manuel Lozano
Mixed and mastered by Chase Morledge
Mastered for pressing by InClub Records
Manufactured and produced by InClub Records (2017 Lima, Peru)
Artwork by Anton-Constantin Anastassov
Photo by Angel Mavarez

Run Away, Simon featuring This Cold Night ( chorus lyrics, chorus vocals, song structure, synths)
Parasite featuring Suzi Sabotage ( backing vocals, synths)
Conviction featuring Wonder Dark ( bass melody, backing vocals)
The Perfect Devil featuring Stockhaussen ( bass, lead guitar)


all rights reserved



Tearful Moon Houston, Texas


Control My Desire

Heart Is Fire

Set Me Free

Shivering Bones
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Track Name: The Prayer
The Prayer

Our beloved dead ones
We call upon you
Your beloved children
Come to us at once
Draw the circle of light
All around us
Enshroud us, enchant us
And dance with us in love

Connect us to the powers
Of the saints above
Protect us from the powers
Of the foes below
Light the fire of white
Let the glorious glow
Come to us tonight
We summon you

Our beloved spirits
We are calling you
Your beloved children
We open the door

We let you in
To share this floor
Please dance within
All of us
Your beloved children
We call upon you
Our beloved dead ones
Come to us at once

Track Name: House of Joy
House of joy
Is where I sit
Dance around in circles
I don't dance with them
I sit alone
On a cold stone
Dressed in black
Veil's over my eyes
For I mourn in the house
Of joy

A sorrow is trapped inside
It may kill me
Or I come out of this war

( Chorus)
Thy too shall pass
In the house of joy
And your spirit will rise again
Thy too shall pass
In the house of joy
And your spirit will rise again

Something has died
I fast and I thirst
My tears have cried
For the card of rebirth
In the womb of warmth
Where you belong
Where you beg to be
In this sad song
Where you will find me
Until that day
I sit alone
On a cold stone
Dressed in black
Veil's over my eyes
For I weep in
the house of joy
Track Name: Impatient Patient
Head spinning
Around and around
Bed spinning
Like a merry go round

I want off this ride
Pull me off before I fall off
Oh, my God
Don't let the devil get me

Like a thief in the night
Hourglass is cruel
An impatient patient
Who's rolling the dice

I could make it
Three more days
I would take it
And be on my way
To the other side
To kill your sweet sound
As you sleep within
My sacred ground

I want off this ride
Pull me off before I fall off
Oh, my God
Don't let the devil get me
Track Name: Ecstasy in Black
I wear black for this black hell
We call our beloved home
I wear black for this black spell
We fall under its hold

Take me now
In the river
And drown me
In the blood of the moon
Make you howl as I shiver
In the black waves of ecstasy

Suffocate me
Penetrate me
There's no solace
There's no promise
I'm your shadow
You're my bright sun
I'm your darkness
That's just begun

Kill me with your kisses
Lonely flesh of your girl
Your eyes trapped in my eyes
In hope of this black world
Touch me in places
Only the fish can see
Your love trapped in my love
Of endless ecstasy
Track Name: Cold and Burning Truth
I'm going to tell you a story
It's a short, but sad story
It's a cold and burning truth
A cold and burning truth
It's amazing, amazing
How a frozen heart, a frozen heart
Can burn you, can burn you
With ferocious fire, ferocious fire
Ouch, ouch, ouch

It's the heartbreak
Can you take it?
For fuck's sake,
Can you take it?
It's my heartbreak
Can you take it?
For fuck's sake,
Can you take it?
Track Name: Run Away, Simon
Run out that door
Leave the cross and the pain
Run in silence
Through the chaos and rain

Leave your heart behind
Left you all alone
In your prison
Trapped no more

( Chorus)
Run, run, run, run away, Simon
Run, run, run, run with me, Simon

The decision
To cut this cord
Leave this prison
To find a home

An old key
To a new door
Set yourself free
Trapped no more

Shed all the skin
Nail it to the wood
You can never win
Never understood

Run to the world
Leave the lamb for the lame
Run with the wolves
They shout your name
Track Name: The Confusion
Are you here?
Are you there?
Did you go?
Did you stay?

Where are you?
You're nowhere
Where are you?
You're somewhere

( Chorus)
I release you
Of this cold world
No conclusion
To confusion
I release you
Of this cold world
No conclusion
To confusion

But did you go?
Or did you stay?
I don't know
Where you are

Doctor has no answers
Psychic has no visions
They say to let you go
As I lay in your silence

( Chorus)

I wait in the wilderness
Of my bewilderment
Let me sleep now
Wake me up,
Wake me up,
When this is over

Wake me up!
Wake me up!
Wake me up!
Track Name: House of Murder
I think of you, my dear
Dark curls like my love
A cherub's smile so big
Like the church of saints

Hate it here
Oh my dear
In the house
Of murder
Your secrets
Of angels
Play in songs
Of mercy

( Chorus)
The haunting of your ghost
Will always be
With me
Very soon in the afterlife
I'll be
With you

The dead roses
The tattered letter
Hidden in my drawer
The sad noises
I am no better
Than I was before

Hate it here
Living fear
In the house
Of murder
My regrets
Of angels
Play in songs
Of mercy
Track Name: Parasite
I can't seem to wash
The world's semen off my skin
I scratch and I scrape
At all my futile sins
I'm so unclean
I wear dirtiness
Like a cloak

( Chorus)
Parasite still on the brain
I want poison in my veins
Paralyzed now in the bed
But there's voices in my head

I can't seem to shake
The old demon off my back
I push and I pull
In his brutal attack
He can't be seen
But he's murmuring
"Life's a joke"
Death's flirting

( Chorus)

It's a terrible task
To have to wear this mask
Only you see
The real and raw me
At the end of the day
I beg of you to say
Good ... good bye
Our fatal love's a living lie
Track Name: Animal Inside
In your eyes,
I cannot swim,
I only drown,
And deep, deep down
Your secret stays
In your skin
As your promise is
Broken within
The truth cuts deep
On my fingertips
As the lie is worn
On your sweet lips
A kiss that will never be
Throw it to the wolves
So I can be free

In your eyes,
I cannot see
I only dream
In a deep, deep sleep
My secret stays
In my skin
As my plans are laid
Blindly within
The truth runs deep
On my bitter lips
As the lie is torn
On your fingertips
A kiss that will never be
Throw it with the knives
So I can bleed

( Chorus)
I'm a fool to wander into your night
I'm a fool to wonder of your stars
I can't survive
if your beasts don't come
And eat me alive
I open up wide
And let you in
Animal Inside
Track Name: The Perfect Devil
Pull out the rosary
Light up the sage
The home is misery
The suffering cage

I forgive you, my lover
Imperfect angels do exist
I'm the perfect devil
We are even in this

Throw out the roses
Light up the stage
The show is misery
The display of rage
Track Name: Conviction
The world is ending now
Crumbling upon the ground
Madness is all around
This cruel, ole town
I long for your fall
The tumbling of your heart
I wish for you among the stars
That are tumbling down

( Chorus)
I have visions of us
Dancing in the desert
Under a midnight sky
With a mystic's conviction

In your drunken gaze
Is where I drift
And swim in your maze
Your labyrinth
Of erotica
And exotic mysteries
Of Jesus Christ
And Lucifer

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